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AAA Bag Shows how they replicate Their Copy handbags

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At AAA Bag, we do a lot of research into the fashion industry and there are a few things that we have noticed about the firms in Europe. First of all, these firms are largely considered to be the best in the world. If you have ever seen designer style and clothing, you will probably recognize many of the European names, but they are often French and Italian before any other. There are some Spanish as well, but in most cases, the Latin countries have the best design firms globally.

Why is that? What has made the Latin folk so great with fashion? In many cases, it is just time and attention to detail. Many of the biggest French and Italian firms are over a hundred or even two hundreds years old. They were founded when the American people were engaging in mostly rural farming, which shows just how behind on the fashion some parts of the world can be!

Today there is far more diversity in the design world. Some American brands, such as Proenza Schouler, have started to make a name for themselves in a short period of time. There are also British design firms that are doing quite well, but as you will see the Latin’s still reign supreme.

Globalized Design & Fashion

As people move across the globe, travel, study abroad, and learn from other cultures through globalization, the design and fashion world has become more complicated. It used to be that fashion and design was the sole domain of French, Italian, and Spanish people in the cities of Paris, Milan, and Barcelona. Few other countries could compete with these titans, but some things have changed.

The British have come out with a few great clothing, handbag, and accessory lines over the past few decades that have changed the landscape forever. Now there are brands, based on a single woman’s vision, that are far superior to anything that ever came out of the countries before! This is due, in large part, to the sharing of ideas across the globe.

Suddenly, Italian designers are working with British, American, and even Scandanavians, which helps to spread the ideas and fundamentals of the classics. When these foreign designers learn in Europe, they take it home, add some unique local twist and make it there own.

Where is Fashion Going?

The biggest change in fashion is towards goods for all people as opposed to just the wealthy. It used to be that design firms only had gaudy and superflous type of garments and accessories, but this is no longer the case. In many cases, the fashion world is going towards producing things that are more accessible for everyone especially with high quality brands like AAA Bag that produce these designer goods at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for goods that will make you look fashionable, but don’t want to pay the price, European firms are the place to go. At AAA Bag, we have the best style and fashion items from Italy and France to suit you. Visit Our Catalog Click Here For Our Catalog

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